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>> with pain at the pump. we are continuing to see no
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relief in sight. however, governor jerry brown has stepped in. authorizing the sale for the winter blend. speaking of, let us get h check of the weather. >> good morning. we will see some moderate wind and the gusting of 20 m.p.h.. more on that coming up. we are tracking a low pressure system still how the potential for some raindrops. i have been looking at the latest computer models. it is a 20 percent chance that we are tracking. south of the
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golden gate. from san francisco. to the east we could see some moisture. with some pretty spotty temperatures at best. we will be tracking that and let us take a look at futurecast. these two colors on your screen showing these portions of the south bay where records 70's. as repressed towards this evening. all of that blue is indicating where we will see the 50s. with neighborhood by neighborhood and temperatures will be a little bit cooler than this weekend. a mixture of sun and clouds. 68 degrees expected in sunnyvale. 72 degrees expected in los gatos. and the east bay areas. 72 in livermore. 70's to walnut creek with low 60s through san leandro. and
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alameda. 60s with downtown san francisco opera 50s if your going to go to ocean beach. with your kron 47 day around the bay. we do have a slight potential for wet weather. that is a 20 percent chance. as the go towards thursday, friday still cooler conditions. but it could be the peace once again as we transition into the weekend. more on your forecast coming up but let me take you over to the traffic. not money small maturing any traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars out there. with no metering lights and decent speeds. well out towards foster city with no problems getting to the nimitz freeway. and this live look at the golden gate showing
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no issues of visibility. with lots of space between cars we need more days like this in san francisco. >> we need more days like this in san francisco. >> locals, tourists, enjoyed the mild weather. maure these crowds generated big bucks. >> check out these people for chrisy field. some are watching the blue angels air show. others at the water were waiting and watching
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for the america's cup racing. two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for cold beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". they were having great luck for donation solicitation. >> this is great.
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>> the parents of sanchez elementary took advantage of the crowd by charging $20. for parking on the schoolyard. that money will help fund a field trip. the $1,500 is what we're hoping. >> and look at the restaurants. gathering to watch the italian heritage parade. the owner of this north beach restaurant saying that it is a good day. >> everybody will get together and have fun. we need more days like this in san francisco . >> maureen kelly, kron 4. >> we still have hopes. we want the giants to do well. we just to not want to get too optimistic. >> of a solo home run is proving to be the game- winning run. with madison baumgartner giving up four runs and this seven innings of one shot out baseball. >> maybe they are better on the road so they can come home. >> are they confident?
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>> alting very confident. they were on the ball park. many leaving before the patch. tam lincecum pitched two scoreless innings. the with tens some lincecum, which just cannot seem to hit the ball right now. let us see if we can make this a comeback. i still believe in the team. let us see if we can get this victory going. >> all eyes will be on the ryans giants starter. tuesday and cincinnati. at&t
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park, kron 4. . we will check the headlines and we will come back to
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conflict 3 s
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there welcome back. we are checking futures trading. >> checkout the latest numbers. the s&p fell closing at 1461. >> target is going to open its san francisco store. the entire second floor. with
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smaller robber-oriented stores that they plan on opening by 2013. to better serve the community it will open at 7:00 a.m. can employ about 300 people and generating $16 million in tax revenue for the city each year. >> you tube is taking its content to europe. with more partnerships with content from the bbc, london-based and to the netherlands.
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choosing cheaper and quicker greeting cards. and a peaceful neighborhood gets a shocking discovery. the body of a president is found dead. details on that, coming up.
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it's pretty mild start for this week. all traffic moving decent. and at the san mateo bridge westbound. traffic is equal from the westbound and east bound directions. no problems, no delays just about 13 minutes. at the golden gate no construction to concern ourselves with. traffic is moving well out of marin county. on the traffic maps it is a pretty quiet morning. the east shore for we looking decent. as we turn our attention to interstate-80 in the westbound direction. this is probably one of the first areas to back up. not seen any yellow accurate and smooth sailing certainly cruising toward approaching
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the 580 interchange. >> 4:6:00 pm hercules -- 4:18 am this 2011 subaru out back was the victim's car. it is a mysterious murder neighbors found the body after she did not pick up her husband from the airport. she died from traumatic injuries. this is the first homicide in hercules and about two years. they do not know if this was random or possibly targeted. we will bring you more updates as this comes a available. >> new homeless challenges in southern california apart passing ordinances from smoking into the park to
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leaning bikes against trees. they say that it is an unprecedented increase of homelessness. they are intended to push them out by criminalizing their daily activities. >> this man is in the hospital after getting in a fight in the north beach neighborhood. officers responded to the 400 block of broadway just after 2:00 a.m. that is where officers found one man that was hit his head to the pavement. he was taken to hospital but were potentially life- threatening. the suspect was described as male in his 20s. he fled the scene. no arrests have been reported. we will let you know if we will find out more. also, the decomposing body was found in a car in oakland. this was found around 5:00
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p.m. it was in this oakland neighborhood. wrapped in a cloth. it appeared to be in the car for quite some time. the identity is still not known or the cause. >> vandals struck in oakland last night. many people attacked buildings after an anti-war protest. they believe anti arcus anti-war activists targeted stores, banks, and even the oakland tribune building. breaking 10 windows at city hall. >> they were wearing masks. they were stretchin striking out. and the removing -- quickly cured it only took about 30 minutes. >> we were sitting and the restaurant having a nice dinner just enjoying ourselves and they picked up three tables, three chairs
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and they threw it at the plate glass window. >> police to not know why the vandals attacked those businesses. they are still assessing the damage done. now rests were made. note- are rests were made. >> they are still or to try to find o ross mirkarimi will maintain its job. he has been found guilty of official misconduct tuesday will be the first time since 1932 the board will vote on removing an elected official for misconduct. we will let you know what that decision will be. and that deadly meningitis of brick is slowly growing. how people have been impacted and what the company is doing to make sure that nobody else is getting sick or
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>> welcome back. a pharmacy has been pinpointed with the deadly meningitis outbreak. that has killed seven people. they have issued a voluntary recall. of all of the products.. and all involved medical centers have been taking extra precautions. health officials say there nine states including california. an agent killed last week opened fire on a fellow agents. this happened in arizona. the border patrol thought that they were armed when they returned fire. they are not saying if that dead agent shot first.
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>> >> the fbi saying that the number of laser pointers is reaching epidemic levels. these could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012. that is 1000 increase from 2005. these could temporarily blind pilots. people that intentionally do this could even face prison time and financial fines. >> this deadly shooting on early saturday morning involved this student at the university of south alabama after he was shot when he rushed officers. they say that he was naked. students woke up to the news. they did not know why he would do something like this. several students on campus are questioning if deadly force was really necessary. they had the weapon drawn as shots were fired. university police are undergoing an internal investigation. >> attorneys are going to be with cheery sandusky's lot came during the hearing to
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see if cheery sandusky is a violent sexual predator. he is facing life in prison. we will take a quick break. the president is attempting to raise millions in california today will be traveling to the bay area. for will have details on his trip, coming up. this live look traffic for delight to the approach to the bay bridge. weather, traffic, coming up.
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>> welcome back. let us cut a check of the weather with erica. >> as we take a look of the weather headlines still below the seasonal average. has to go for this afternoon. 50s and 60s. as we go towards tomorrow we get the potential for some rainfall. partly cloudy conditions on tap. for the majority of the bay area on wednesday, some isolated storms with that instability in the air. temperatures will be cool. more on that coming up in the future test showing by 3:00 p.m. contending with the green indicating 60s. and the yellow where we will see 70's. concord, fairfield.
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and as we go towards this evening. by 8:00 p.m. we will see temperatures in the 50s. again cooler conditions here is a look at the afternoon a highs. neighborhood by neighborhood 71 degrees for the allman and valley. 72 degrees expected in campbell. and mostly sunny skies but again cooler for antioch. high 60s expected in hayward with comfortable and mild along the shore. 60s for downtown san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will of the possibility for wet weather. with a 20 percent chance of isolated showers. this will impact most communities south of the golden gate. we are tracking this off the coast. keep an
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umbrella hand the just in case. cooler but no wet weather to speak of. and this weekend we will see sun and clouds with the temperatures on the rise. in the traffic center is quiet. would not have any problems to alert you to. a quick bridge check. we are seeing more clouds than we did see about 10 minutes ago. smooth sailing on the incline. and approaching treasure island. at the san mateo bridge certainly that volume is increasing on right side. at the golden gate assault on 1 0 1 and good visibility with no incidences coming out of the north bay. southbound 101, no problems. >> decision 2012 president obama will be and the
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central valley. he will be in the bay area attending a dinner and concert fundraiser at kg civic center. alex smith, john legend and spearhead will be performing. concert tickets are $100-$7500. no word if he is going to stay the night. meanwhile, the president was in los angeles last night as part of the campaign fund. he spoke at a star studded event with george clooney, katie. , katie perry and other celebrities. >> and and 2008 everybody
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remembers a victory but they do not remember the bombs in the road. or bumbs and the road things look good in retrospect but we did make mistakes. we goofed. i goofed up but the american people. as for work. if gabe slate tech report >> even with (cheers & applause) even with -- all the things converge. 47 percent of the company did not vote. let me point that out. on the night of the election, i said that all of those americans. perhaps i did not have your vote but i have your voices. i need your help. i will be
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your president. >> we will have full coverage of the presence does it as the kron 4 morning news continues. full coverage of is -- visit. >> republican mitt romney is not wasting any time. they have been on the battleground state in florida. he spoke about the off recent debate. >> the only vice- presidential debate and they are preparing for this big match up. >> welcome back. president legend will be also making a preparing. politicians from both parties are getting ready on who will >> they're getting ready to the vice president is getting ready in kentucky.
4:36 am
head out for the debate. and i think it is important joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating and understanding politics. >> after all, is poor showing in denver against mitt romney. democrats are provided on joe biden. - vice president joe biden will know exactly what is going on he is in touch with the american people. i am just hopeful. that ryan will tell the truth. >> the former debate coach give his opinion on how it will go. >> i am sure that joe biden got a phone call from the white house that said. we did not go after governor romney as much as zero yo..... think both men will be both their repaired. >> he says that he will be ready. >> i am looking afford.
4:37 am
forward -->> both will be in place for domestic issues is the only vice presidential debate before the election. christina, kron 4. >> the next presidential debate is in new york. joe biden and gop hopeful will take the stage for their first and only debate on thursday. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. we will take a quick break with much more. we will leave you with a look at the toll plaza. one as expected, light ♪
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>> welcome back. jugo chavez overcame a serious
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challenge. andrew spencer reports. >> with a democratic battle. with 8 million compatriots voted for the revolution. they voted for socialism. they voted for independence. they voted for the greatness of venezuela. they voted for the future. >> his challenger what he did not win the presidency he got the commitment and love of the millions that voted for him. the national electoral council said the face of the highest participation rate of voting in decades. 81 percent of eligible voters went to the voting polls. the voters also true beyond the borders. at diplomatic offices. new orleans, they want to consulate and even went from miami. were they
4:41 am
close the consulate in january after the u.s. expelled the officers top diplomat. >> we drove 23 hours to be here. we will tell the people of venezuela that there is no reason it does not matter who you vote for but you have to vote you cannot imagines how trip that, which that trip can be uncomfortable for somebody in that age group on eight public bus. >> conflicting problems were the iphone 5 is being produced in china. however, this has been rumored that it did, or did not paralyzed production. management's strick demands is a source of contention.
4:42 am
>> meanwhile, this hydrochloric acid tanker was struck and led to the .... -spelling of that high on the highway. of that- spilling of the hydrochloric acid. also, a gas leak from another tanker rolled over on its side with seven vehicles and to fire trucks were damaged in this explosion. traffic was impacted. and the cause is still under investigation they closed down the highway for quite some time. >> a generation of space flight is officially launched. we will show you with the take off.
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there we are back. >> a commercial supply ship is on its way to the international space station. >> announcer: (countdown) ,,, 3, 2, 1. >> the california-based company launched an unmanned rocket from cape canaveral. last night. it is carrying a dragon capsule with 1,000 lbs. of equipment,, included in the cargo is even ice-cream. this will reach the orbital lab on wednesday. part of a $1.5 billion deal with nasa. ice cream is a test to see if something that will sustain the journey. >> this mt. tam has been a
4:46 am
bit windy. we do not have any issues of visibility is just cooked cool and breezy. 46 degrees in napa. chilly for the north bay. and the coastline. it looks like antioch is waking up to 60 degrees. as we take a look at those temperatures for this afternoon of the most part will see sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler compared to what we saw this weekend. cupertino, fremont, 70's. and if it will be a pretty mild day for places like livermore. antioch. 60s for the castro valley. and in hayward. in the north bay, 60s and novado, petaluma. 67 degrees
4:47 am
expected in vallejo. some changes to talk about as we go towards tomorrow. this low pressure system is hundreds of miles from the california coastline. it has been stationary but as it approaches our area it looks like we it could make its way towards san francisco. perhaps not as many showers north of the golden gate but there are other areas for the potential to see moisture. it looks like a 20 percent chance. perhaps by wednesday. however, you can expect them to be below the seasonal average with that instability. of course we will time it out on kron 4. taking a look at your kron 4 your kron 4 7 day around the bay more showers. and by this weekend will see
4:48 am
temperatures going into the 80s. in the traffic center one last look at traffic. the approach to the bay bridge will be moving smoothly. no incidences. the san mateo bridge, the 92 with the tail lights going out of foster city. the golden gate bridge is reconfiguring those lanes. it-on our traffic maps also keith couldn't. the 60 interchange. all of the roadways sensors -- looking at the-interchange. it does not look like there are going to be any delays with 23 minutes from ac transit looking good and all other public transportation. >> the giants faced the dodgers. it did not go well.
4:49 am
with nine-zero = one will score. the cincinnati reds take a 2-0 in the best of five games. and the final three games with tuesday been the next game. today is a travel day. > after searching "craig's list" and no luck on finding tickets for the giants. fans like claudia came to at&t park one hour before the game to try to get tickets at $90 each. >> hopefully it will happen and we can get in there. >> i got the shirt and everything hopefully that i can make it in there. >> are you going to purchase from a scalper? >> i'm not going to spend
4:50 am
more than $45. because it is very unpredictable. >> are you desperate enough to use a scalper? >> and others did not use a scalper. >> some found a pair of tickets in other ways. >> ...i got tickets from a friend of mine. >> i had a phone call unexpectedly yesterday and they said, "do you want tickets?" i still had to pay. but it was the best experience, ever. we are very, very excited. >> i received an e-mail from the giants and they said that we have got tickets if you want to be entered into a lottery for the playoffs? i said, sure. i received a confirmation e- mail to be able to purchase the ticket online. it only took 10 minutes but i was able to get them.
4:51 am
>> reggie kumar, kron 4. against the detroit tigers. two-one = oakland athletics. and a 4-4, tie. with 5-4 is the final score. no, they're also trailing by two games. now >> he bricks back in covers a lot of ground. it is difficult to make that play. it is difficult for even just a basket catch it popped out of his glove.
4:52 am
>> we have an amazing team and we are planning an amazing team. the players are tough. the manager is tough. we belong more to go. this is a nice win for us but we have a long way to go. >> and that the san francisco 49ers it did fantastic alex smith won a seasonable high. with three touchdowns. and the master franchise of some over 600 yds record. with 45-3 = final score. michael crabtree each receiving amazing instrumental in creating 100 yd passes.
4:53 am
these and morning. we will be back will
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> gasoline prices. the latest. >> and also let us check the weather and traffic. the
5:01 am
south bay peninsula and the north bay freeways. >> good morning, george. the problem is the gas prices are still high. 1 gal. of gas is selling at $4.73. will tran.. good morning. this elevator is still going up. but it is the same price as it was yesterday. we are talking about possibly $5 per gallon at this chevron near he can berber. hagen burget higher than oakland. we brought you some average prices. and do not drive our run where spend more on gasoline trying to find cheap gas.
5:02 am
>> we could even see $5 gasoline prices per gallon. >> thank you. you do not have a choice but it is good to know that it is going to cost you more. the big weekend proved to be a huge one for the local economy. hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the clear skies. in joining the fleet week activities. and the big draws between besides the fleet week was of course the
5:03 am
street festival. and the festival and golden gate park. a lot of businesses and charities came out. restaurant tables were packed. just about every corner of the city sought a huge revenue. >> we are getting a huge ridership with over 319,000 on sat... purchasing
5:04 am
tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was also, president obama is expected to attend a fund-raiser. with alex smith, john legend and others set to perform. tickets as much as $7,500. >> taking a look at these cincinnati reds. baumgartner struck out and he retired the first drawe14. and this single had to the center fielder making it for-nothing. madison baumgartner only gave up seven hits. there is tam
5:05 am
lincecum he is not going to be a starting pitcher this series. with for-nothing = the cincinnati reds. with the number four runs-0. and still, they strike out and they finally get some energy at at&t park. with nine- nothing. one of the worst playoff games. the cincinnati reds are leading the playoff games with 2-0. >> the oakland athletics also in the same with 2-0. verlander with a scoreless they go up 1-0. and the next batter with cocoa crisp anc
5:06 am
cabrera and he cannot make the basket and 3-2 tigers and coco krisp with sespitas scroing and detroit is 2-0. all three games and they will begin the playoff games resuming on tuesday night here in oakland. >> exports was not enough how about the blue angels? hothe wrapped up fleet week
5:07 am
festivities performing stunts that the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. thousands lined the waterfront and boats where they did acrobatic exhibitions. >> still, coming up the latest on the markets.
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>> welcome back. watching wall street the dow jones is at its highest since september 20th 07. they have their first positive today with columbus day, a burning
5:11 am
season kicks off with alcoa reporting their numbers. also, acce$80 per barrel. for oil futures are also down b >> you tube is going to europe. the google owned site is launching more content from britain, germany, france and the u.s.. they also announced a slew of partnerships that are aimed at international media companies. all of that
5:12 am
is coming into this with the content >> this california company is launchin a lan a supply ship, to the international space station. >> coming up we will keep you updated on any hot spots
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> welcome back. this is a 4.2 earthquake. on google earth where the epicenter is located. the u.s. g as saying that it struck at 5: 39-west of borrego springs. it is about 90 mi. west but
5:16 am
there are no reports of injuries or damage. >> this flag ship is on its way to the international space station. >> a commercial supply ship is on its way to the international space station. >> announcer: (countdown) ,,, 3, 2, 1. >> the california-based company launched an unmanned rocket from cape canaveral as today. it is carrying a dragon capsule with 1,000 lbs. of equipment,, included in the cargo is even ice- cream. this will reach the orbital lab on wednesday. part of a $1.5 billion deal with nasa. and space - ex --they are using a ice cream to see if it is going to make the trip. >> office -- live look. with the san mateo bridge, mt.
5:17 am
tam and looking decent. good morning. >> good morning. this triple live look and take a look at the james lick. as we take it outside we can see low clouds. the good news is that we do not have any issues with the visibility but it is a chilly start. not only is it breezy but take a look at these numbers. 44 degrees in novado which the 60s and antioch. the numbers in this afternoon showing that by 3:00 p.m. the afternoon highs. with the green, the yellow showing the green with the 60s. and the yellow showing 70's. that will start to fill and to the delta and the livermore valley. and we could see things cooling down for the overnight with jackets required. most of us will be
5:18 am
in deep blue with 50s. breaking down the afternoon highs let me truck those numbers. conditions are going to be cooler. compared to what we saw this weekend. 60 degrees in sunnyvale. 61 in almoden 70's for walnut creek.mixture of sun and clouds for the east bay shore. 60s in berkeley. 60s in downtown san francisco cool and breezy but still comfortable for the north bay. 60's and '50's for ocean beach. we do have some changes in the forecast as we take that out to the satellite and radar. this area of low pressure with hundreds of miles off the california coast. it will relaremain relatively stationary. and slowly it will make its weight to tapproach make its wad
5:19 am
also towards san francisco. however, no showers expected for the golden gate but there is the potential for moisture. your kron 4 7 day around the bay highlighting changes. it looks like we will see the potential for a isolated thunderstorms. with that, instability. and poor conditions on thursday, friday and we could start to see some 80s for the weekend. and george. >> off they pretty good morning. as we are not tracking any hot
5:20 am
there are likely delays later but no problems right now. for the commute. 101 southbound and 13-14 minutes and highway 4 is heavy through antioch and the soyuth bay no delays thoughtfrom novato to the golden gate bridge. >> this body was found in this oakland neighborhood it was wrapped in cloth and it was decomposing in an abandoned car. they have not
5:21 am
released the identity. >> police and hercules are trying to motivated this killing. she was killed and whoever killed her drove off f wit her car. police are asking for anybody that have seen anything to call them. here is a photograph of the car it is a 2011 subaru out back. it had idaho plates. and the neighbors found the body after she did not pick up her husband from the oakland airport on friday. police will say that she had traumatic injuries and this is the first homicide. and about two years. they do not know if this was a random or targeted. >> san francisco board of supervisors is going to decide if it mirkarimi will keep his job. mirkarimi was suspended without pay after he pleaded guilty to a
5:22 am
misdemeanor from a fight to the head with his wife. he bruised her arm. with a fight-that he had with his wife. tomorrow will be the first time since 1932 will there will have to vote to remove an official. >> there have been ordinances that as banning from smoking and leaving bicycles against trees. they are showing this unprecedented spiked with struggles against homelessness. the homeless say that this is intended to press them out with criminalizing their daily activities. meanwhile, this man is injured in a fight in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. they say that they responded to fight back broadway just after 2:00 a.m. that is where officers found one man punched in the face and then he hit his head on the pavement. he was taken to the hospital that
5:23 am
were potentially life- threatening. the suspect is in his 20s who left and a white vehicle. no arrests have been made. >> 5:22 the meningitis update is no and nine mistakes. now-is in nine states dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
5:24 am
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site.
5:25 am
cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
5:26 am
more on the deadly meningitis that is killed seven people. impacting 90 others. a pharmacy has been pinpointed with the deadly meningitis outbreak. that has killed seven people. they have issued a voluntary recall. of all of the products.. and all involved medical centers have been taking extra precautions. health officials say there are 90 confirmed cases of meningitis.
5:27 am
>> if you're having more than 3 cups it could be increasing your risk of glaucoma. a certain type of glaucoma called, "exfoliation glaucoma" will increase if you have more than 3 cups per day. other caffeinated drinks were not found to have that result. researchers say that the still need to confirm the findings of this study. >> the fbi saying that the number of laser pointers is reaching epidemic levels. these could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012. that is 1000 increase from 2005. these could temporarily blind pilots. people that intentionally do this could even face prison time and financial fines. president obama is heading to the bay area. coming up. and a live look outside. highway 92 traffic is
5:28 am
looking decent. we will have a complete check of your traffic in a moment i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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appeal award two years in a row.
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it's 5: 29 right now we're taking a live look from my life tam cam. the type it is a pretty clear the record and a new direction. >> potentially some sprinkles it is a cool and breezy. in his bid to have change to talk about as we head into tomorrow. i talk about the low pressure system and talk about the chances of some sprinkles in my next report. >> chances sod will see some slow traffic here in san mateo bridge at 8:00 and 9:00 hour of the right now
5:31 am
is a good ride. interstate 580 and highway 4 slow. no. they whites is still pretty light. james b. president obama will be visiting the bay area today this will be the second day on this road trip to california sod road to peace line. the seventh visit with our reporter jackie sissel standing by in jackie is hard to make out where that is why you. >> and let the bill graham civic auditorium and to see the sign is up and is also deck it out with red white and blue. this is all three stops the presence will be making. to fly in loss and loss later this afternoon. he should aprowl on: 30. he will come to the bill ground auditorium and then he has
5:32 am
the third event also clad in san francisco. if you're anywhere a round of the civic center, the public library, the applause of some or between four and 9:00 tonight you should probably be aware that there will be a huge presence of security. odyssey of any time the president is in town that is a big deal. as critical to the president's visit obviously that would have an impact be aware of it. the reason why he is in town, is all about money. he has been here seven-day several times in the past. >> very good jacket thank you for that. this the second and of his trip to california are it. >> thanks james. the president was also in los angeles. last night
5:33 am
president obama spoken to star-studded gala at the nokia to theater. . katie perry, pancho villa, and stevie wonder all fault. george clooney made an appearance. president obama ended his night with an appearance at a gala for the six were $25,000 a person. >> we have an election to win. everything we fought for in 2008 is on the line. here in 2012. and i need your help to finish what we started. i need your help exploration for the and we are going to continue our full-time coverage of the president's visit to the bay area has to continue this morning. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney he is also on the campaign trail there he is with his wife. and they were in the battle crossed the florida yesterday and riley spoke about last night of sight last week's debate and he slammed the president over
5:34 am
his health care law and economic policies. >> florida is among several swing states. it holds 29 of the electorate votes needed to win in november. >> will note that we are just days away from the first and only presidential debate and the candidates are preparing for that match up on the heels of the first presidential debate. politicians from both parties are weighing in on who they say will come out on top. >> i think the vp debates are very important. i think that joe biden is incredibly gifted and it comes to the bidding at understanding policies. >> vice president biden will do very very well. he knows what's been going on. he is in touch with the american public. and i just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> while foreign and domestic policy issues will both be in place for
5:35 am
questioning. it is the only vice presidential debate for this election. >> we will have both of dp and the presidential debates coming up in their entirety news channel. the nights they are still to happen to to comcast 1 and 93 to watch live on in to what the coverage of both those events. >> that a strike in oakland a large group of people broke windows and then allow city hall. >> take a look at the damage from last night after an end to war protest. police believe that it was an artist. they were in alaska and black clothing.
5:36 am
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>> welcome back our top story what's happening at the pumps. we have four. 73 for the average in san francisco. and last week it was 505 more exciting thing go up 505. in san francisco governor jerry brown is asking fineries to produce the winter glenn. >> president obama is in the bay area today he is hoping posting three campaign against. this visit is part of a two day trip in california. president obama was in l.a. yesterday emphasizing the importance of fund-raising in the final weeks of campaigning. >> was a busy week in four parts. transit officials say why the ship hit a new high over the weekend more than
5:46 am
about 320,000 people wrote bart on saturday. usuries there's about 200,000, that's a hundred thousand more!. it was between sports and the airshow and fleet week and everything else. >> was a state assemblyman is trying to stop an effort to assist in hearings of the deadly pipeline explosion. symbols mayor is calling-- seeking mark lawrence kitchen of current hearings over penalties in pipeline upgrade cost, the marimotion-- >> and let's take a look now outside at our winner this morning in our traffic it looks like traffic is fine.
5:47 am
the. so is the right-hand side as we look at differences go. it's not the fall that's an issue this morning some about the clause that will grow in later. >> i think the bigger story is how cold it is in terms of those temperatures. we do have some mid 40's and in north bay along the coastline and in addition to that also contending with some wins. so it is a cool and breezy start to the morning. as with those numbers. 55 in downtown san francisco. the '50s and san jose. it looks like a cool afternoon in store in fact some of our inland communities are between five and six degrees cooler compare to what we saw yesterday. into the afternoon green and yellow to green indicating 67 is what the delta of the livermore valley. portion of the north and south bay. and then check out the evening hours were going to cool things back down fifties' all across the board so you will certainly need a jacket. we could see me in a gust of to 20 mi. an hour.
5:48 am
focus in on those afternoon highs again in a sunny afternoon we will have some clouds in the forecast as well. up for 6 is low seventies for south that there is said to for campbell. 67 of and mountain view. 72 for livermore 73 of an fairfield 64 for castro valley and hayward. pretty comfortable in the north banks of the fifties if you're heading to ocean beach and looks like san mateo coming in at 65 degrees. now we do have some chance to talk about in the weather satellite red are the shallow several hundred miles off the california coastline but it will approach as the we head into tomorrow shifting into wednesday as well. with that we do have a 20 percent chance of some isolated showers. so certainly keep an umbrella handy as those chances look to be a 20 percent chance south of the golden gate bridge. with
5:49 am
that we could to some isolated thunderstorms as we get into wednesday afternoon. starr to turn the corner into the weekend temperatures in the upper seventies the ladies want to can. and it looks like we will see plenty of sunshine of around the entire bay area. >> thanks erica this morning the west about commute just beginning to slow down the metering lights have not been yet acted thaactivated. the ride toe san mateo bridge unfettered. and your trip to the coal in cape bridge 1 01 south mount still an easy ride both across the bridge in through marin county. westbound 80 the lay free. 680 south both down to walnut creek and the san ramon valley 18 minutes down to dublin. 26 minutes coming in at the altamonte pass to the dublin
5:50 am
interchange for west down interstate 580. the ride on 101 picking up just a little slowing down. a 17 minute commute out of the coyote valley of the montague expressway. >> thank you george more now on the huge letdown for north bay area baseball periods. teams in the playoff san francisco giants suffering their worst playoff loss in history. they use nine-zero. game 3 in cincinnati. >> there's not much to lose in notes go out and get everything you got. i think
5:51 am
it's as simple as that. we played really well on the road in the second half. you never know. >> you have to find a way to see victory. we can use this to a few little bit. of the fire and is a lot there and compete like there's no tomorrow. >> they will have to pull out three straight in cincinnati. they lost 5 to 4 in the bottom of the ninth in detroit yesterday. the tigers have that series two games to nothing. now it's back to oakland for a whole fleet three canes at the coliseum. it is a man to buy milk. >> off the brakes back and has to recover and cover a lot of ground to give back therefore and obviously you know until you try to make that play in the ball as balancing is larger eyes, you end up making a basket catch that just popped out of his club.
5:52 am
>> right arm to the san francisco 49ers of all the amazing niner's laws which shall montana and steve young current squad has done something postings have not done. the san francisco 49 is taking on the bills first quarter tied at 3. alex smith with a 43 yd touchdown pass to kyle williams. teen- 349 is in the second quarter with the same fo. the sentences of 49 is called 17-teen. 24-3 to a physical forty- niners. over to madrid yards rushing a final 45-3 the status alex eight teen-24 303 yds. 621 total yards for
5:53 am
a franchise record. the of the first team to be over 300 jars passing and 300 guards rusting in the game. . >> huge crash in talladega 20 cars tony stored in the league he was trying to block a driver and created a massive crash. everyone seems to make it out in one piece. machens it goes on to win. wow! amazing video. >> disguise of a albuquerque new mexico over the weekend will show you what have people looking you can probably tell by that video. we will take a live look at sandoz said. tracking the commute all morning long through san jose will be back in just one moment. >>
5:54 am
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5:57 am
>> it was a show over albuquerque mexico yesterday was a hot air balloon show. it is the hot air flume festival and was postponed because of high winds. lookit that from afar is a technique!. 500 balloons and they were launched and what pictures can you get with that eventually the winds calmed down. look at that! while! and you could make to blow up and down. you can steer but they do not want the wind blowing. we will take a break will be back with more coming up at 6:00 gas prices, a gas prices go there is still high will
5:58 am
outran will highlight at the top of the hour. president obama this is an today will have more on his trip and was quick to happen in san francisco. plus expected cooled down a track in the work week forecast for you and oracle be of interest among one of those details in a minute. 0ñ@ñ
5:59 am
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